Friday, April 23, 2010

Create and Craft Tv aka RIPP OFF

Ok i have to vent really angry. For years ive watched create and craft tv and wanted to order...but they always charge a lot of money to post to Ireland. So the other day i turned on the tv to see Free P+P and i was delighted. I went onto the website to place my order and found that the postage to Ireland was not included! Grrrr !! But then on Monday they were singing and dancing (practicly) on screen about how delighed they were that they have reduced the postage to only £2.99. I was almost as delighted as them! lol so i went onto the website and put a cd rom in my cart. Can anybody guess how much the postage is to ireland for one cd? £9.90!!! The postage to Ireland was not reduced at all. When i rang to ask why it was so expensive nobody could give me an answer. The best they could do was simply to "advise" me to buy more stuff! Haha! The cheek of them. I know for a fact that you can post a cd from the uk for under £2.00.....where do they get off charging £9.90. Am i the only non Uk potential customer who has this issue? Does it not make your blood boil? Oh well they are missing out on hundreds of pounds worth of orders from me every year!
If you or anyone you know is in the same position as me i would be very grateful if you could contact me or have the person contact me, as i would love to start a petition to send to them! My email address is

Thanks for listening to my rant,
Fiona Lawlor.

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