Friday, September 23, 2011



I was just wondering has anybody else noticed green links appearing in comments, the links are usually for ads or sometimes it links back to a blog? Ive posted about 3 comments and the links have automaticaly been put in so i have had to delete the comment and try again. It is really weird and I am wondering if I have some kind of virus or if its something to do with blogger? I have noticed the links in lots of peoples comments!

If anyone had any input or help I would be soooo greatful :)

Have a fabby day,
Fiona x

****Update**** I think I have solved it, it seems that its a feature called "text enhance" that is perfectly legit and came along with my recent Firefox update, so luckily at least it seems I am the only one seeing theses links. I was worried that I was unwillingly putting links on peoples blogs as I left them comments *phew* fingers crossed its all fixed now as I was able to opt out of it.

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jackid said...

I haven't seen these so not sure what they are I would a virus check just to be safe any way but sorry can't help
Jacki xx