Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tim Holtz stamps for sale

Hey Everyone!

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Just a quick little post...

Last year I was very lucky to win a raffle held by the fabby Kirsty Wiseman and one of my prizes was a signed set of Tim Holtz stamps. As much as I lovvvveeee these stamps, I know 2 things...1- They are too nice and I can't bring myself to use them as I don't think I would do them any justice lol and 2- My lickle baby Shih Tzu needs and x-ray on her leg and at the moment I can't afford it. Sooooo...long story even longer, I am now selling these gorgeous stamps Signed by Tim Holtz.

If you or anyone that you know might be interested please could you check them out on my Ebay, they are HERE 
or if that doesn't work (knowing me, it wont lol) then this is the link....

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)
Fiona xxxx

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