Thursday, June 28, 2012

Missing Birthday Pressie...........I need a rant!!

I am soooooo pee'd off :(

This coming Saturday is my Birthday, and my hubby gave me some money to buy some crafty pressies for myself. I placed an order with Craft Superstore 8 days ago and it has still not arrived. So I rang them today....I was put on hold and then eventually told that they will have to email me as they "had no details on screen"
So I got an email a while later where they started saying that my order had not even been dispatched yet due to a "High Volume of Orders" but later on in the email they tell me that it has not been sent as they were waiting for something that was out of stock?! I wish they would get their story straight!!
They finshed off the email saying "if there are any more issues please get in touch" and then they didnt even sign it so I don't know who to contact :( I emailed back straight away and they have just ignored it.

So this Saturday (my 29th Birthday) is gonna be a very crappy one for me all thanks to Craft Superstore......
oh and did I mention that for the priveledge of having my order NOT be delivered they have also charged me £12.95 shipping?!!!! The cheek!!! I am so sad/angry and peed off :(

Thanks for listening to me rant, I hope you are all having a much better and happier day than I am :)
*hugs* Fiona x


Caroline said...

Hi Fiona just found your blog what can I say this has happened to me before it's not right it should say if an item is out of stock oh dear don't let it spoil your birthday enjoy it. Hugs Caroline xxx

Caroline said...

Hi Fiona me again I forgot to say you make the most beautiful card's. Hugs Caroline xxx

Mynnette said...

BOOOOOOO! What jerks! I've had similar issues with companies online and so I rarely place orders online any more. I hope you get your stuff soon--I'd contact the Better Business Bureau if you don't!